Value Analysis – Think Beyond the Bookmakers

The bettor all over the world use different methods of betting. They play according to the knowledge and skills they acquire from their experiences. Some play with statistical data, some play by using the performance metrics based on the last performance, and some try to copy the technique. Among them...   Read More

Over / Under Progression

Over/Under progression can be used in several ways. As the name shows the bet is placed on the maximum or minimum statistics of the game. The basic idea is that you have to keep on building your bet to the point where your calculated score is achieved. This progression is...   Read More

Intermittent Progression

As Intermittent progression is based on the concept of Intermittent which means occurring occasionally or at regular intervals. As a player people are well know to the concept of progression. Progression is something that builds on with passage of time. Therefore, initially the concept was used to place bets on...   Read More

Betting Exchanges the Future of Trading

  Years ago, betting was not considering a good way of earning but in the today’s world it has been made legal. Betting Exchanges previously known as open-market betting provide trading facilities for bookmakers to buy and sell contracts. The contracts are made on the win-lose condition i.e. either you...   Read More

Money Management

  Sports betting have become a major source of income in the world. Over the years people have become rich using this mode of income. One can say that this industry has made quick progress and change the entire design of the betting business. As many people like to bet...   Read More

An introduction to betting systems

  “Betting” is a game played all over the world but in association with other games. Therefore, we can define betting as to predict the outcome of any game before the end. The prediction can in favor of game or against it. The history of betting is centuries old. The...   Read More

Draw Progression

  Draw progression is a technique used for betting purpose in games. The root of this system is Martingale. The basic concept of Draw progression is more the number of draws in series of game the more money you can earn in betting. So the first thing for betting in...   Read More

Learn To Win by Conduct Match Analysis

  Online casinos are the most powerful and secure way of gambling. You just need a good computer and fast internet connections. Online casinos are providing the best means of entertainment. People all over the world are using this utility to play and earn money. No one is the master...   Read More


  Martingale is a gambling strategy used in France around 18th century. The most common form of Martingale is type of betting placed in game of coin. In this system the coin is flipped in the air and the person wins if coin shows head and lost the game if...   Read More

Line Betting

  The betting can be defined as the action to forecast sports results and placing a gambling on the outcome of the sports. This sports gambling is carried through some internet gambling sites or commonly through a bookmaker. There are many types of betting available to play. So player has...   Read More