World Cup 2014

Group E – World Cup 2014

This is one of the groups that should not be a major dilemma, at least not when it comes to leading positions. France seems like too much for all the other opponents in the group. After the 1998. At home won their first and only title so far, the French...   Read More

Group D – World Cup 2014

This part of the draw may be called a group of death. Another balanced group but unlike C, group D in addition to uniformity and have high quality. Even three former world champions have in this competition – Italy, England and Uruguay which together have up to 7 titles in...   Read More

Group C – World Cup 2014

This is a group where we can find the first great divergence of opinion as to who could be found in the next round. Simply put, this group is not the strongest, moreover far from it but it is certainly the most balanced so that placement in the Top 16...   Read More

Group B – World Cup 2014

Winner Mondial in South Africa from 4 years ago – Spain in defense of the trophy moves from group B where her biggest competition on paper to be a team that defeated the Netherlands in the final of 2010. These two selections could fight for a place in the next...   Read More

Group A

Competing Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon, I think that is an absolute favorite Brasil in the next round to enter a prize winner of Group A. The other three teams are more or less uniform quality while Brasil is certainly a class above, so that an eventual tie host should not...   Read More