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France – England 11.06.2012

France didn’t have so easy path to EURO 2012, at least not as easy as they expected at the beginning of qualifying group.

They ended as first, in a group against Bosnia, Romania and Belarus as their biggest opponents. They finally secured their spot in a last game of the qualifying group against Bosnia at home, as they drew 1:1 (a little bit with referees help, must be said). Anyway, after the qualifying rounds, they played two friendly matches winning against USA 1:0 and drawing to Belgium in a goalless match. French team played three friendly matches last month as a preparation period for this EURO, winning against Iceland 3:2 (although they were losing 0:2 and struggled for the most of the game), then later on won against Serbia 2:0 (with two quick goals, while the Serbs were quite equal opponent for the most of the game) and finally, they have won in style against Estonia 4:0.


Match: France – England 18.00h
League: EURO 2012
Our prediction: France AH(0) Odds: 1.65
Bookmaker: bet365

England also didn’t have very easy path to EURO as they expected. The English were in a group against Switzerland, Montenegro, Wales and Bulgaria as their biggest opponents. They also needed very last rounds in order to secure their spot, drawing against Montenegro 2:2 in last round in Podgorica. After that, they played two friendlies back in November, winning over Spain and Sweden with the same narrow 1:0 result – both games were played in England. This year, they won over Norway and Belgium both in friendlies and once again with the same narrow 1:0 result. English were winning their previous games, but not in a convincing style and it was obvious that they lack offensive power.

English side will be without Frank Lampard at this competition who is ruled out from a preliminary squad due tight injury. Additionally, Wayne Rooney is serving a suspension and these two will represent a huge blow for English side. Under these circumstances it is hard to imagine the English side to come out with any better result than a draw.{jcomments on}

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