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AEL Limassol – Zenit


AEL Limassol – Zenit

This is a game of qualifying competition for the Champions League which I think should be quite easy to go and judging by the quality of the team Zenit I think this should be easy to beat
For the first, you can conclude that this is about a huge difference in the quality and quantity of the very availability of financial resources between the two clubs is simply immeasurable and therefore can see a big difference in the quality of the playing staff, which is of course on the side Zenit. AEL Limassol is the second best team coming from Cyprus and they held second place just behind APOEL. Their league is not too strong, this large difference is a common goal for the team from the top of the table and with APOEL and AEL Limassol has to be mentioned that Apollon let’s say there is a necessary quality. Regarding the development team during the preparatory period after the end of the season it should be noted that it is not done on a noticeable level, and that in this area a lot of failed or have played two games where one lost and the other a draw. They were very poor and very short preparation that are agreed on” quickie” just to play something and there was not enough time to maybe do something more, or to enter into a somewhat more competitive form .

Match: AEL Limassol – Zenit 18.00h
League: Champions League qual
Our prediction: Away win
Odds: 1.50 @ Unibet

On the other hand, there Zenit St. Petersburg, which is of course at first all stronger team and they certainly should not come here to win the only question is how far will this victory be .. Although Cypriots today to park the bus in front of his goal I think that Zenit has to break in a part of the game this result, which i predict is somehow logical and realistic as possible option, because frankly I do not think there will be more than that and i can only hope that the bunker to try to perform these discounts in one part of the game .. Zenit St. Petersburg is one of the clubs who don’t have problems with finances so that they rarely sell their players, which gives them the opportunity to leave the team together better and you get into it, and thereby bring some quality players to the side in order to enhance and improve their game ..
Unlike their opponents they are well timed his form and I think they are now 100% ready to come up with another victory in a row .. in my opinion this would be for them to be a training game because in a much better position, with a better gaming staff.

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