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An introduction to betting systems


An introduction to betting systems


“Betting” is a game played all over the world but in association with other games. Therefore, we can define betting as to predict the outcome of any game before the end. The prediction can in favor of game or against it. The history of betting is centuries old. The games which are nowadays famous for betting in casinos like black jack, roulette etc is from Europe and China.


The nature of betting depends upon the nature of game. With the increasing popularity of internet, online betting is becoming more and more popular. However, this game is regulated laws enforcement agencies in some countries. These rules are there to abstain illegal gambling. Through right type of rule and restrictions a healthy atmosphere is build for gambling organization and law enforcement agencies. This was it can generate good returns for government also like in Macau and Los Vegas.


A sport betting is also very famous form of betting. There are many people who are known expert in sport betting. They treat it as their profession. Like every profession they have devised some professional procedures and system to play their game. These systems are followed by people and proved to be successful. an introduction to betting systems

Every project you need some rules and procedures to be followed so that you can successfully reach your like goal. Likewise for betting there are systems devised to achieve required results. These systems are based on long research and knowledge of people who win their games more often than others.

When we talk about betting nothing can make sure that you are going to be winner or loser. However by planning game cleverly you can avoid huge losses and even can walk out as a winner most of time. The techniques developed for betting are based on mathematical sequence and statistical probabilities. The system depends on probability of trial and increasing our profits. This way you can decrease chances of losing your capital to an extent.


There are two type of betting system followed. These are:


Negative progression: in this system if you lost your bet you have to return to your initial bet.


Positive Progression: In this system you will return to your initial bet in case you win your bet.


The system you use depends upon the type of game you are placing your bet.


Under these progressions there are many system of betting which are being used nowadays. Some are as follow:

Martingale System, Fibonacci system, Under/Over system, Sure Bet system, Parolli system etc

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