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AS Roma – AC Milan


AS Roma – AC Milan

Roma still believe in the miracle that they can still win the title , but because they need to win Milan who seems finally started to play as is expected of him . Milan is trying to save at least some of this season would be ideal if we got hold of the six positions that leads to Europe , but the question is what will happen if they lose here.

Roma is on the 2nd place in the championship and still harbor hopes for the title , although it is a great advantage compared to Juventus they are counting on the duel between the two of them, but they would need that Juventus lose before that at least one time. However the Roma was finished this season did a really almost flawlessly , and everyone knows that this is a long time best performance they had at the beginning of even the leading position and their coach Rudy Garcia has succeeded in his plan and his game plan was revived team.

Upcoming matches Garcia said that he faced a very tough match and that there is no real defeat , defeat would have ended our dreams and hopes fans do not want me to know that we have little chance to get Juventus but still have that little which creates a good atmosphere if would be sad to lose it would be destroyed and i do not know how to act on the players .

Match: Roma – Milan 20.45h
League: Italian League
Our prediction: Home Win Odds: 1.85
Bookmaker: Unibet

Milan since the beginning of the season in serious trouble with the game , and the coaches could not manage to find a good coach , as if everyone gave up on them yet large loan is current coach Seedorf who is still on the bench , although they announced his dismissal . This game could decide his fate and the team. Milan has a bad ratio at home but 5-5-7 in the last 5 games they have improved , the team has Balotelli Kaka , Taarabt , and a lot of good players . Defeat would have destroyed almost any chance to take the position that go in Europa League but if that fails it will be a lot of outcry against them , the fans still patiently waiting for what he would do .

Roma does not defeat on home soil and I doubt that it will allow the to lose now , they are strong favorites and I give them the same advantage . Although Milan has to take the points that I have the game to do so at this time , so I played on home win

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