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Bayern Munich – Barcelona


Bayern Munich – Barcelona

We are expecting another spectacular duel between these two teams, but judging by all, Barcelona has already secured the final and convincing victory at home in the first duel between these two teams score of 3:0.

Let’s move from Barcelona. Although I’m not a big fan of theirs, I have to say that Barcelona is the first match played fantastic, almost without any errors. They dominated in all aspects of the game, and I Guardiola, nor the whole team Bayern Munich, had not found a solution for a big show of Messi, but Barcelona and the rest of the team, who were in the mood from the beginning, but the end of that block. Certainly the Barcelona that the first duel deservedly won, scored hung in the air almost every serious attack of Barcelona, and it was only a matter of when it will fall and that goal when Bayern will therefore fall even more. After that first received scorer, Barcelona are all more open and gently still achieve these two goals besides executed Bayern side on the lawn, while Bayern only why be satisfied with this duel is that they did not receive more than the three goals.

Let little about Bayern. You can see that they tortured since their main stars out of action, of course, we’re talking about injuries of their best individuals such as Alaba, Ribery and Robben, while some less important absences should be mentioned not playing Rode or Badstuber. They would not occur even in this second leg duel for Bayern against Barcelona at the Allianz Arena. Bayern is really bad lately, and that are confirmed on Saturday when they lost at home from a mediocre team like Augsburg. It should be mentioned, and to add to the Bayern is a series of four consecutive defeats, regardless of the type of competition, while Barcelona on the other hand in great shape and a series of 18 matches with no defeats, the same regardless of the type of competition. Barcelona was already almost secured the title in Spain, so that he expects a “trip” in this duel in Munich for which they are left to just quietly and without excessive pain and eventually translate preserve this advantage of three goals.

Thus, as far as this block, do not expect anything other than a huge goal match and at least three goals in this duel. Maybe risk with this type, but simply unrealistic to watch a close game and no goals so this is completely certain outcome.

Football, Champions League, Bayern Munich – Barcelona 20.45h
Our prediction: over 2.5 goals @ 1.72 with Bet365

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