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Benfica – Juventus


Benfica – Juventus

Juventus has set out to find the final at their own stadium , and seems to have unstoppable . But whether they will allow the Portuguese representative effortlessly achieve a place in the finals because I doubt that they have done so far deserves uncertain battle to the end.
Benfica ‘s championship almost secure the first place , and of course it would be the icing on the cake of the season was a place in the final second largest club competition . The hosts have a really good team and did not lose more than 20 games in a row which is really commendable . Last loss is experienced in the Champions League against Olympiakos at home in November last year .
Benfica finished third in the Champions League and it is placed in this competition where they came to the semifinals . Their coach Jorge Jesus announced that he will try to win at least a minimum score and preferably not to concede . ‘ Of course I respect our opponents, this is a good team and considered by many the favorite to win . They have that extra motivation as the final game in their own stadium , but we have not finished my story , ‘ said Jesus .

Match: Benfica – Juventus 21.05h
League: Europa League
Our prediction: over 2 goals Odds: 1.80
Bookmaker: Unibet

Juventus needs no introduction all know the Old Lady , and how they play. Many are familiar with and how unhappy dropped out of the Champions League . It turned out to be not so bad because they will have the chance to play the final at their own stadium truth weaker competition , but again that’s something .
Similar to Benfica and they are very close to winning the championship. Follow them Roma , but preference will be difficult to melt because the end is near , and if they continue the kind of games would be questionable to raise the trophy of Italy . I’ve said what I can get here and who is motivated to make a good result in the first match against the previously unstoppable Benfica . If this match is extremely important and the information that they have already sold tickets for the second leg at Juventus Stadium.

Somehow it seems that everyone expects from the team from Turin to always have the answer , of course, to the players themselves and may sometimes make mistakes . Their coach Antonio Conte has announced an offensive game because he says his team knows otherwise. ‘ I respect the opponents and their brilliant unbeaten but have no business with us . We will look to finish the first game without conceding a goal and then we make spectacle in the second leg , ” said the visiting coach .
They have a lot of good attackers like Tevez , Giovinco , Lorente , Oswaldo… There are also other players like Pirlo , without which you can not Vidal , Pogba , Chiellini , Barzagli , and the great Buffon who really ideal defends his team’s goal .
Certainly this is a match that will be is uncertain , everyone wants to make a good result at home and promises to fight and play with maybe a lot of chances . I reckon it will still be here at least a couple of goals as both teams do not play so cowardly to end goalless.

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