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Can Mourinho win Premier league with United?


Can Mourinho win Premier league with United?

Jose Mourinho think it will be difficult for Manchester United to rally with Machester City. The only way they will beat them is if their rivals stop investing in the squad. Mourinho defended his old Trafford record and he embarked on an extra ordinary 12 and a half minute monologue that was supported by a prepared sheet of statistics.

He doubled down on his claim that their exit in the Champion’s league in their game against Sevilla. This was nothing new to the club considering their recent football heritage of disappointment in Europe. Mourinho could not help but turn his sight to domestic matters and the unfavourably compared his club’s records to that of city. This is after recounting each of their Europe’s campaign since reaching the Champions League final in 2011.

At the time of exit, City and United were 16 points apart and City went ahead to be crowned as the champions. Mourinho said that United were not ready to win. He claimed that the league leaders’ level of spending would make it difficult for them. This is after he was asked whether he thought they would beat City in the next season given that they lacked football heritage. He pointed out that some clubs were ready to win.

Morinho will win Premier league again?

Mourinho said that these clubs that were in a better situation than them stopped investing and they start investing. Then they can be at the same level with them. But if they keep investing, similar to them or more, then it will be difficult for them to win.

If you look at Machester United, they have spend £286M on transfer fees since Mourinho arrived in 2016. As for Manchester City, Guardiola has spent £448M during the same period. Mourinho also said that the reason City has been ahead is not only because of the power they get from their spending. Another reason why they are ahead is because of several players who were present even before Guardiola took charge. He said that the likes of Otamendi, De bruyne, Silva, and Aguero are investments from the past and not from the last two years.

Mourinho says that he will still go for a title challenge next year. He said that he is always confident of overcoming obstacles in his career. He said that there is no substitute for hard work and belief. All in all he admits to seeing similarities in his career and when he was in Real Madrid. During this time, he went toe to toe with Guardiola when he was in Barcelona.

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