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Chievo – Milan 30.03.2013


Chievo – Milan 30.03.2013

I won’t wait the odds to drop!

Why? Because the referees always help Milan when they have problems scoring. Even against the weak Palermo, the referees helped Milan in two crucial situations and practically decided the match in Milan favor. First of all, the penalty was funny! Bonera pushed the Palermo defender who pulled Balotelli’s shirt and the referee saw the second thing and pointed to the penalty. After that, Palermo had a chance to score, but Zapata handled the ball with intention while he was the last man in defense, but the referee gave him only yellow card. Why do I write all this? Because the referees will help Milan whenever needed, no matter who the opponent is!

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Chievo played dull match in Pescara today and scored in 88th and 93rd minute to seal the win. With these three points, Chievo can comfortably lose against Milan. They don’t have something special in the team and Milan should not have problems to beat them even with normal referees.
Milan are still hoping to catch Napoli because are stronger and I’m sure that they will finish above them. This is going to be one of the easiest away matches and the points are more than important. Milan will do anything to win in Verona.

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