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Chile – Australia


Chile – Australia

Both teams had big bad luck to be found in the group with the two favorites for the finale, of course, surprises are always possible and will both try to do something like that. Chile before the draw had high hopes for passage into the next round, but now I can only hope that luck will be on their side.
Chile is a team that for decades has constant playing at major events. They are finished as third placed with 16 games, 6 losses, 9 wins and 1 draw, and 28 points was enough to secure passage. Their maximum has provided in the last 7 games where they enrolled five victories, although they achieved a number of goals (29), behind Argentina (35), but defensive part is a lot of trotting and were received by 25 goals. Their coach is Argentinian expert Jorge Sampaoli with his attacking style and he said that his goal is to get a lot of hassle the other team against his team. However there will be bad luck injuries and the absence of Matias Fernandez from Fiorentina, which shocked everyone in the local media and a fans.

Match: Chile – Australia 00.00h
League: World Cup
Our prediction: Home win
Odds: 1.50 @ Unibet

Australia began its journey to Brazil leads the group, where they are not expressed, Japan ended up in front of them, and they are entered all 8 games 3 wins including two against Iraq. Their coach who almost brought Ange Postacoglu not satisfied that the group had come, but promised that fans can be proud of their country. Australia is the first to come to SP and so far it seems that no one injured in the team, but in January he was injured Robbie Kruse I already said he will not compete in the World Championship, until then, was the best in the representation of the main star of the team is veteran Tim Cahil from Red Bull New York, while Swarcher denied for calls and long-time captain Lucas Neil.
Australia is one of the weakest teams championship thus the chances of this group, they are minimal. The quality of their players behind the others in the group and taking points from anyone in the group would be a huge undertaking. Even if we take into account the new coach and some time to Interplay to Brazil, the chances of a result they really any, Chile, on the other hand has a chance to fight for the second place and will be a huge burden Netherlands, so it is here necessary to enroll victory For what I’m almost convinced.

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