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Current Form


Current form is terminology used in the games normally. As defined by Oxford dictionary current form can be defined as state of sports player or team with regard to their current standard of play. That is current form can be defined as an investigation based on the performance of team in previous rounds and selection of suitable episodes from them.


Now let’s see how we can elaborate this system. To understand it you have to select an instance on which you want to gamble. Next step is to weigh up the situation of game from the prospective of both teams. Then the next appropriate step is to evaluate the 5 last games played by domestic team and last 5 games by guest team.


For points distribution you can award 3 points for domestic triumph and 4 points for away win and 1 or 2 points for draw. No points would be awarded for losing the game. You can give remuneration to recent team to take it more noticeable. For example previous game can have 5 and so on. You can equate mathematical equation for this purpose. current form

We can define the abbreviation for terminologies like W stands for Win, L for losing and D for draw. Now based on last 5 games played you can evaluate the result as WDLWW. The numbers awarded can be placed in formula like 3 for W 1 for D and 0 for L along with remuneration it would be sum up to 32.


Likewise, you can evaluate the previous 5 matches played by guest’s team and the formula would be like DDWLD.

Then you can calculate the value of away form by (2×1)+(2×2)+(4×3)+(0x4)+(2×5)=28


From here you can calculate the difference of 4 between the two values and also these calculations also reveals the higher probability of domestic team to win. Obviously, these calculations are statistics avoiding the factors like mishaps or warning.


These all statistics can be your guideline to how you should play your money and on which team you should put your money on. Like after calculating the form value and their differences you can assume which way the game will go. Like if the calculated difference is from value -3 to 3 the probability of Draw is higher. Likewise if the calculated difference is higher than 3 then chances of success for domestic team is higher and if differences is below -3 then the bet should be placed on guest’s team.


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