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Draw Progression


Draw Progression


Draw progression is a technique used for betting purpose in games. The root of this system is Martingale. The basic concept of Draw progression is more the number of draws in series of game the more money you can earn in betting. So the first thing for betting in this system is you have to select teams with maximum number of draws in records. You would be able to find such team residing in the center of tables. Remember you are not looking for champions and cannot ignore teams at the bottom. You should focus on teams with higher number of drawn matches in series.

For the procedure of draw progression you have to consider the fact that average charge for draws is around 3.0. Your objective should be to search teams with more numbers of draw matches.


Now how to place a bet. You have to decide the bet as it would be increasing if team is failing to draw. As precaution you should choose a part of amount for initial bet from total amount you have reserved for the betting. It should be nominal amount as there are possibilities of losing all in case you are not careful. So when a team is not able to draw the game you can increase your bet by multiplying it by 2. When it eventually draws you can start again betting from where it has been started. draw progression

To elaborate this draw progression in betting let’s say we start our bet in series from amount $5. The first thing is you bet $5 on draw of your selected team. Now there would be two options. If you team is able to draw you will win your bet. You can again bet from starting amount that is $5. Then there is second option that your selected team is not able to draw. In this scenario you will double your bet that is you will bet $10. Then again if your team is able to draw you can again start your next bet with $5. However, if your team fails to draw you will again double your bet and it would be $20. The process will continue. You can easily observe here that any point where your team is able to meet your expectation and able to draw you will easily recover your amount lost in previous bets.


This is successful for betting in league games as this process is successful for betting over short span.

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