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Eintracht Frankfurt vs Schalke


Eintracht Frankfurt vs Schalke

The Eintracht Frankfurt is looking forward to giving their fans a reason to celebrate on Sunday the 11th after their match against Schalke. They will be hosting Schalke at the Commerzbank-Arena during the Matchday. Frankfurt has been scoring impressive goals in the last league match, and therefore the team looks more promising than Schalke.

The season for Schalke began recently in October after they managed to make five defeats to teams such as Hertha, Bayern, and Glanbach in Bundesliga. They have not been making a lot of goals for a while, but last weekend they managed to make a 3-1 score at their home to Hannover. This boosted their confidence, and they feel ready to face Eintracht Frankfurt.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Schalke Betting Preview

The problem with the team is that the weekend victory was the first time they managed to score three goals in numerous games that they have played before. This remains a great concern for some of the fans. In the course of the week, Schalke managed to score 2-0 against Galatassary during the Champions League at home.

We have witnessed how Eintracht Frankfurt has remained defeated over the last five league games. The team is believed to be one of the fiercest in Europe as at now due to the many goals that they keep on scoring. Out of the 8 competitive outings, the team has managed to win seven of them. From every win, Frankfurt has been scoring not less than 2 goals. This is the reason why their fans believe in them a lot.

The only challenge they have encountered is drawing to Nurnberg with a score of 1-1. In the last four outings at the arena, Frankfurt has been able to score more than four goals. Though some players from Schalke such as Mark Uth seem to have strong defending skills, this may not be enough to outscore Frankfurt in their own home.

Betting Tip: Both team to score

Frankfurt seems to have a more significant influence compared to Schalke. They have managed to score 23 goals which have made them rank 2nd best in the league. Their stunning performance in previous matches is what makes us put faith in Frankfurt. This season, we have seen Schalke score very few goals in some matches. We believe Frankfurt have better playing skills and have higher chances of winning during the match against Schalke on Sunday. We, therefore, predict 3-1 in favor of Eintracht Frankfurt.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Schalke

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