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England – Costa Rica


England – Costa Rica

This is a match in a Group D, which will not solve anything as to the placement of the next phase of the competition but a sensation that the Costa Rican team that is from the beginning was underestimate made one of the biggest surprises in addition to the teams who in their teams have players who are some of world class players.
As I said, Costa Rica made a sensation and their team success is undeniable and showed some teams how to play with the heart for their country and how they uncompromise dying on the ground and gave their best prefomance which I believe will be a transition period during the summer nice to cash transfer of some famous clubs as well as a little more lucrative contract. The outcome of today’s match for them is in the foreground but was not in the first two games and they were solved in their favor so the match against England their coach can calculates a choice, but any of them to run out on the field will give 110% their capabilities.

Match: England – Cost Rica 18.00h
League: World Cup
Our prediction: over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.95 @ Unibet

On the other hand, the British had already spread from their media so that they have match where maybe can clean their face but that will not be enough and probably after returning home will came some drastic cuts in the team starting with Roy Hodgson. As far as this match is debatable what kind of mood and in what team been chosen to use but anything that happens again, I will be criticized it is inevitable.
The England is favorite and I honestly think it will be able to get to win this match, but I’m kind of options that we will see over 2.5 goals and this is more realistic than guessing the final outcome. Both teams can be relieved to join the match and there is no need for some maneuvering so that the goals again imposed as a first choice.

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