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Espanyol – Valencia 13.04.2013


Espanyol – Valencia 13.04.2013

The new year brought us a really new-looking Espanyol.

The team who was a punching bag in the first part of the season, came back resurrected in the second. Whole 7 victories in 13 games this year, made them from the strongest favorites for relegation, to looking pretty much secure with 8 rounds to go, having a lead from 13 points over the relegation zone.

Valencia last 3 games brought them positiveness, as they managed to win at home against Betis and Valladolid. The highlight for me was the game between those wins, they came short-handed to Vicente Calderon and despite that took the game to Atletico Madrid, a team that has monstrous home record this season, the game ended with a 1:1 draw, but Valencia deserved to win it.

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Both teams are full of confidence, both have nothing to lose, as Espanyol have solid lead over the relegation zone, while Valencia’s target is the Champions League and for that they need wins. Both teams make entertaining clashes between them in recent times and I expect the same here. Goals in both nets and no one settling for a draw.

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