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Gaz Metan Severin – Dinamo Bucuresti 20.07.2012


Gaz Metan Severin – Dinamo Bucuresti 20.07.2012

This bet is based on mostly what i’ve seen in the SuperCup where Dinamo won after penalties against champions CFR, but they looked a lot better than CFR and lot better than people expected.

Dinamo indeed is crossing bad times from financial point of view, and they also have owners capable of fighting between them and destroy the team’s atmosphere, but with this second trophy coach Bonetti bought some time from his critics.Since there are no real money for transfers, Dinamo kept most of key players, although lost some regulars, but in reality only CM Kone is a loss, since both CD Moti and Scarlatache were poor and didnt offered no plus to the team.But coach Bonetti also promoted some youngsters and the likes of Nica or Tucudean showed extremelly good game in first official game of the season, Tucudean scored a double.Newly transfered midfielders I.Ba and Bubacar looked also great, controlling the midfield and playing quite intelligent.Also reinveted Alexe didnt played bad.All in all, Dinamo looked good, they looked well prepaired and they played tactically well, although there are still some issues in defense, Nica still inexperienced, new couple of CD still not gelled.

Match: Gaz Metan – Dinamo B 19.30h
League: Romania 1
Our prediction: Away Win Odds: 1.85
Bookmaker:  Bet365  –> Check all free bets here!

Gaz Metan Severin is newly promoted team, but from sportive point of view they shouldnt be even here, since Timisoara and Gloria dominated second league, but since Timisoara didnt get license to play in first league, Gaz Metan took the place.They have an experienced coach Bondrea and some experienced players like Balace, Olah, Vancea but with little quality.Other than that their quality is low and like any team which comes from second league and doesnt make big transfers they will fight to survive and will be main candidate for relegation.I dont see this team capable of making Dinamo suffer, not with Balace or Vancea.Dinamo still has plenty of experince, a clever coach and good form, as we all saw in SuperCup so they continue this good start of the season.

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