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Germany – France


Germany – France

This is a match from whom we can expect absolutely everything. Might happen to be a 0-0, but that might be 2-2 or 3-2 for some. I really mean it, because France and Germany have excellent defense, and high-quality attacks.

Germany played a very bad match in the 1/8 finals against Algeria (0-0) and managed to win only 1-0 after overtime and during the course of the regular games have been a constant the initiative, which is at the very end managed so that the match goes a little more worn out than their opponents. On the other hand, the French also were not ideal, but still beat Nigeria 2-0 in the 1/8 finals and played a similar game as German just as the French did manage to finish of the match score twice and place the 1/4 finals . This is a game where everything is possible, and I think it seems to me that one of these teams could both to score.

Match: Germany – France 18.00h
League: World Cup
Our prediction: over 2 goals
Odds: 1.65 @ Unibet

This is how good the two teams on offense, I think you can bring us at least two goals, and I hope more that we could see the class of both teams in action Here I think it is worth a try with the goal due to the fact that the 1/8 finals match was too much that they were a small number of goals, and a lot of them that went to extra time and even penalties. With such good prices, I think it makes sense to try with the option of over 2 goals.

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