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HSV – Leverkusen 08.04.2012


HSV – Leverkusen 08.04.2012

An early bet on Sunday, but no doubt is my bet of 2012, Leverkusen lost 5 competition games in row, and Hamburg just took their very importance relegation struggle win against Kaiserslautern, but after last round, most of the team news point out that Leverkusen will win this coming round, odds will drop for sure so I suggest no need to wait anymore.

Leverkusen just fired their undesirable coach Robin Dutt, new manager Sami Hyypia and new coach Sascha Lewandowski (Hyypia is their real coach but working without approve certificate) attracted large number of press, they are suddenly brings back the laughter. “Laughing pros, smiling fans, brilliant sunshine… The Leverkusen pros were in a really good mood at that moment.”Hyypia no doubt was the great player and also is a great person, done model job in Liverpool, Finland national team and also Leverkusen, won all respects and also is the `close big brother` of most of the Leverkusen players, I am sure that he is the best choice of Bayer at that moment. Legend player Michael Ballack suddenly fully recover from injured and ready to play, the whole team finally back in positive atmosphere, they have hugh motivation to fight for next season European games ticket, and even going to fight against their former coach Dutt, except Ballack, keeper Adler and attack midfielder Barnetta both come back and ready for this game.

Hamburg just took a hard win against Kaiserslautern, but their opponent no doubt is the toothless and weakest team in Bundesliga, before that win, Hamburg only took one point from last 6 games, they lost most of the quality after sport director Frank Arnesen forced to reduce military expenditure budgets. Moreover, they are facing serious missing problem in this home game, most importance defender Diekmeier and on form winger Jacopo Sala both injured in Kaiserslautern game are definitely absence, midfielder Gojko Kacar suspended because accumulated 5 yellow cards, midfielder Tomas Rincon and striker Jose Guerrero both go on absence because injured and long-term suspension, those missing already are the big blow for Hamburg.


Match: HSV – Leverkusen 17.30h
League: Germany 1
Our prediction: Leverkusen AH (-0.50) Odds: 1.50
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Misfortunes not yet all, Hamburg still have a bigger secret worry, their great form goalkeeper Jaroslav Drobny just got questionable left thumb injury on Tuesday training, need examine and wait medical report until Friday, but preliminary estimates is not so optimism to back in Sunday game. Drobny is the real pillar of Hamburg in 2012, save the team many many times by his own hands, was the best player in the games against Monchengladbach, Stuttgart, Schalke and Kaiserslautern, I am sure that without him, Hamburg already conceded much more goals, but the most misfortune is Hamburg even without a standard reserve keeper, second choice keeper Tom Mickel also injured, if Drobny can`t play, they forced to use 34 year old Sven Neuhaus, who never play any game in Germany Bundesliga.

Hamburg only left thin manpower at that moment, and most of their main players are out of form, captain Heiko Westermann seem downgraded in recent months, Frank Arnesen already told their best striker Mladen Petric can leave in the end of season, because Hamburg can`t afford his high salary, the agreement is peace separate, but Petric seem totally lost his form and scoring ability after that.

All in all, Leverkusen without a doubt has much better quality and on great mood right now, I am simply no need to wait for the medical report of Drobny, go full stake to support the away team before the odds drop.

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