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I just logged back in and my bonus is gone! What happened?


I just logged back in and my bonus is gone! What happened?


All the casinos in the world offer attractive bonuses. Some casinos give free bonuses at initial sign-up. The bonus amount is kept in the player account for a certain period of time. It has been notice that gambler leave the bonus without betting on it. The bonus amount will be credited back to the casino account if not withdrawal. You can say that the bonus expire after certain amount of time. That is why cashing out is so important.


The player must accept the terms and conditions in order to be a member of casino. The policies about the bonus is clearly mention in the terms and conditions. Most of the people not read it carefully and lose the additional amount. In case of any clarification use the customer support provided by the casino. You can email or use the live chat facility.


You must cash out the entire amount before leaving the casino. This practice will be necessary to avoid difficulties. The sign-up bonus provided by casino is for betting. Most casinos do not allow you to cash out this amount until you bet on it. It will be available after you win the bet. Feel free to ask question from casino about sign-up bonuses.


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