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Intermittent Progression


Intermittent Progression

As Intermittent progression is based on the concept of Intermittent which means occurring occasionally or at regular intervals. As a player people are well know to the concept of progression. Progression is something that builds on with passage of time. Therefore, initially the concept was used to place bets on teams with maximum number of draws and build up every time the team fails. This was at one point where you won your bet you are able to get fait amount of profits. This perception has its own cons as it could be long, risky and tedious process due to lengthy matches and possibility of losing all your capital.

This is the point where Intermittent Progression steps in. According to this system the process of betting is blocked when numbers of bets are lost and you return when game is drawn. The point of break is decided by player only. This will be determined by your determination and ability to take chances at certain level.


To place your betting according to Intermittent Progression first thing is to select teams. You select your teams on the basis of last drawn matches. It is recommended to select nominal number of teams like 4 as you can play more with limited amount of capital available. Next step is you place your bets again for draw on same teams. Now there are two possibilities either match is drawn or you have won your bet this way progression will stop at initial level. However if your team score then you lose your bet and you have to wait for that team to draw again. intermittent progression

It is up to you that how long you want to play. If you want to build progression for few levels than after draw you have to bet for another few matches. Let’s say you have placed your bet after draw at 2-3 matches. Now id matches do not draw than you have to stop betting until draw. This process continues after every draw and number of matches you have places your bet for.


The important aspect of the betting placed with this progression is that all profit is yours if at any point team is able to draw match.


Once again like in every betting process the most important task is to select your team with detail research. You should look out for all the past records of team and should select teams with higher number of draw matches. Your selection will lead you to path of success.


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