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Labouchere System


Labouchere System


The Labouchere system is one of simplest systems used for betting purpose. The Labouchere is also called as split Martingale or cancellation system. You can apply from all games like roulette or sports for betting. Wherever you want to apply this system you will need pen and paper so that you can make your calculations.


In the start of the game you have to determine the amount of money you want to make from game. Next step is to divide your goal into numbers and write them in form of sequence such that the sum of sequence gives you resultant amount of you goal. It is also not mandatory that numbers should be in series they can be in any form. This all aspects are determined by game you are betting for.

Suppose we take an example of simple series of numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6. The numbers in series are representative of units in game. Now let’s say you place bet for first and last digit of series that are 1 and 6. The sum of these numbers is 7. Now there would be two possibilities. In case you win your bet you are going to cancel the first and last digit. Then again you will bet for next two numbers like 2 and 5. The same again would be 7 and in case you win you will cancel these digits and bet on next two that would be 3 and 4. If you win again at this point you have completed one game or made a coup and can start over. labouchere system

It was when you would be winning persistently. However in case of second option and you lose the procedure would be bit different. Let’s say if you lose your first bet you are not going to cancel the numbers rather you have to add the number at the end which would be resultant of two numbers in the series you are betting on. Like for first bet the number were 6 and 1. The sum is 7. Therefore, you are going to add the number 7 at the end of series. Now when you are going to place your next bet it would be 1+7 which is equal to 8. Therefore, your next bet would be for unit 8. This process will continue every time you lost your bet.


Like every system Labouchere system has its own disadvantages. This system usually results in gambling big money though initial amount of game is nominal. As you have to increase your bet every time you lose the game. Therefore, this system will need additional assets.


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