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Leeds – Barnsley 06.10.2012


Leeds – Barnsley 06.10.2012

I found this one as possible over game.

Both teams are worm, cold form, game excellent, game very bad, as Barnsley lost against bottom club last week 0-2, or like that same Barnsley won 5-0 away Birmingham few weeks ago. So with these two you will never know, although it seems that Leeds are in better form in moment. But, Barnsley this season look much better away, and they manage to score 8 goals in 5 away matches, what is, you must admit very good. On the other hand, Leeds is team with almors mist goals scored in their game. Just two teams score more, and that fact we should not forget at all.

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Expect home side attacking, and visitors to defend at the beggining of game, but with fast contra attacks, they are always dangerous. Will see good game, after all, IMO. Every season we saw very big numbers of goals between these two. Results like 4-1, 3-3, 5-2 is not nothing special for them , so over 3 goals minimum we will see

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