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Manchester City in new Premier League Season


Manchester City in new Premier League Season

The game of football is always interesting when it is in between your favourite teams, even more so. It was a memorable game and will find its place in the annals of history. The win by the Manchester City premier league is a significant one as they were the ones to pick up a huge set of points and a record number of goals.

How it was possible

The team has built up its strength with giving ample importance for the attacking depth from the talent that they are picking up for the squad. That will be playing such important games. Those who were injured or overworked throughout the season were given enough time to rest and recuperate and the join the team for the crucial matches. The impression is further established by seeing all the team players intact in the team. This made a huge impact on the playing capabilities to gel and make most of it on the field.

They have made significant improvements in how they can be forced to reckon with for the future playing games. If this consistency continues they can be a looming threat for many teams in the world. Their current form is challenging enough and if they pull this coup through to other games. They can be lead the best football team in the world. The 19 point that was created by the Manchester is a herculean task for every teams to catch up.

Keeping the winning streak

Looking ahead the team must not lose focus and get their act together again. Not squander this major win away and built on it get more glorious moments for their team’s side. History has shown that not one of the teams have been managed to defend their crown over the past decade. This news is not the kind of news that would be pleasant to hear going forward. In the past two big teams including Manchester were not able to repeat the feat again and get back the trophy. This would be a huge challenge to overcome and it must be tactically and studying. Why things go wrong when you want to excel by erasing the past mistakes that have been committed.

The focus must begin from the pre-season itself and play the first game is the game to bring in the heat. It may exhilarate but not amusing after a point of time, its just the goal at hand that must be delivered. Both mind and body are at play, it is physical games and there are chances of the mind losing focus too with players losing cool during play. The essential aspect of keeping it all together is important for the game to be of significance bring about results.

Building up the strengths

The prize would have eluded the team for a long time but the hunger to get it has not diminished it and now is the moment of glory. It has been noticed that the team and players have always been the bookie’s favourites. The largest number of bets were placed on Manchester City, but it is finally now that they have been able to pull off the feat that seemed just a distant dream. But the rivals have always been lurking at their side to get hold of them through the domestic season. This could come as a damper. They will always collaborate to get you off the pedestal and have it for themselves.

Manchester City

Keeping the sides in content place is a hard work right from the team owner, manager to the captain. Play a significant role to get the squad in that state of mind that the sole focus would be to play the game to win. Not be bothered about other things that would be a turning point and the misunderstandings that happen in the locker room do not come out in the open especially on the field. Sorting out the differences and the mental composure of the players are the new set of playing ethics.

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