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Martingale is a gambling strategy used in France around 18th century. The most common form of Martingale is type of betting placed in game of coin. In this system the coin is flipped in the air and the person wins if coin shows head and lost the game if coin shows tail. The probability of winning in this system is mostly 50%. The chances of winning in this form of gambling gets better if played for short time span.


In this oldest form of betting the procedure is simple like if you win you can gamble for same amount. But in case of losing the bet you have to increase your bet twice or double the bet. In this way although if person has lost few bets he would be able to win his net bet amount again.


Although by increasing your bet twice you will be able to win at some point but this is not practical approach. Because if you bet all your money first hand or later and lost the game you would be left empty handed and would not be able to bet again. This is the drawback of Martingale approach and you have to stop either because table limit or lack of money.  martingale

Because of all these aspects Martingale is game recommended for short interval rather than long game. Longer you play more you will be likely to lose and hence won’t be able to double your bet. Therefore, Martingale betting is advisable for an hour and increases your chances of winning to much higher level.


After knowing the mechanism for Martingale your chances of winning can be affected by issues like type of game, starting amount for bet and your bank account.


Here we can take an example of roulette. If you play this game say for an hour or so then without Martingale your chances of winning are about 46%. Now if we introduce the Martingale technique at this point and double the bet after every lost the chances of winning will be increased by 82%. Here important thing to remember is that this technique is best for short time period. Because as you double your bet when losing you can end up betting all your money and lost it by losing one single event. The next thing which can affect your success is your bank balance. As if you do not have enough money to double your bet you can end up in bank corrupt.


While considering all these techniques for Martingale and choosing right game you can place better bets and can increase your success rates.


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