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NFL Preview

The game itself played by players was along secretive right from the training camp days without disclosing much with reporters who hounding for every byte they could get hold of. The quarterbacks had their own clubhouse for training camps and RV too made it very difficult for the leak of any news to come through and this all comes to perspective when they played the real game and results of being oblivious made sense. The emotional back up was there to keep the team together irrespective of any personal or family loss that must be dealt with. Tragedies may strike anytime in the team and nobody is prepared for it, but the composure and training provided helps deal with such situations.

How they played

The Philadelphia Eagles were able to sculpt an unprecedented history by not showing their potential initially and going away with the crown. Though their fitness and other issues cropping up and the team not showing their full potential, it still seemed that they would never be able to pull the fast one in the eventual game. They are by virtue now standing tall making the podium finish that nobody thought they deserved. They are now the well-oiled team that everyone will look forward to and not write off as they would have at the beginning of the season. Now they are one of the top league teams which are a force to reckon with.

The criticism that they had faced before and the beginning of the season would have been stinging their ears, but they gave a scathing reply to all their naysayers by winning it in style. And they sure made it memorable for every on and off the field. This win will motivate for more other wins in the future. The celebration may not last forever, but the hangover will as they now made to be the top team. It is not an experience that would fade away, but a life-changing moment and time did stand still when fans still rave about it. The bearing of repeating the performance again the next year is much harder than expected. The pressure is more, and the attitude may not turn complacent but it no feat to do all over again with same gusto.

The many scares

Though they had an injured player who took to training with quick recovery to just get to the game and play the game he loves for his teammates and making the team is more special. The patience that all the team members carried throughout the period during offseason and training days, leading up to the game will be a moment in time to look forward to. The team itself can give a pat on the back and set up the goals for the next season. The return of the injured players and the dedication of the existing players are hard to comprehend that they would be the underdogs who could pull off a win like this. The competitive spirit just worked in their favour and they are cherishing the sweet victory that they have well-earned for themselves.

The Eagles have efficiency in every department of the game right from their quarterbacks to their defence players, they have a great line up of talent that they have pooled together to form a formidable team which is young but raring to go. The job of the captain and manager to tap in the acumen and bring out during those crucial playing hours on the playing field. To keep playing as they have, it would be hard to do and getting the same job done for the next season’s crown would be different ball game together literally and figuratively.

Bringing in new faces

When you lose a few of the key players due to various reasons, the best job is to keep in mind to get around to replace them with good fresh talent and put faith in them and inspire them to excel and bring laurels. Keeping the motivation level high in the team is important as well as maintain harmony, which is difficult when senior and freshers are on the same team, to work together and get results for the team is the essential goal, but there is the age, brashness and the techniques applied to the play by different players may not harmonise are some are orthodox textbook players and some bring new things into the game. This blend and acceptance should be made appreciative and giving ample opportunity to one and all to showcase their talent will be the key to get the best out of the team achieve what you had set out for.

There is always the players being sold or poached threat and the trading is never pleasant for any team they would have to build up their team from scratch if this ever happens. It is a potential loss to the whole set up. But this can’t be helped, and it is the way how the game functions and you would have to make the best of what you have been the charging spirit to guide your team to what they must deal with from injuries, trading, ban and other issues. When so many things are against you and you must pull through and make the most out of it, you would be cursing your luck or trying hard to begin a new but pulling off a win with so many pressures is, sure commendable and a dramatic turn of events.

Regaining faith

The relentless pursuit of excellence on the field while the team had a new and old line up of players to keep each other motivated and to the run-up of the event is commendable. Though they wouldn’t have a stellar cast to boast of, the rookies weren’t bad either and played to the best of their abilities and they made sure their inclusion in the team counted for and they have a bright spark in them, they were eligible for a pick in the next game too. The team was not afraid to try things like picking up rookies when they had a few seniors dropping out, or using new tactics of play, the freedom allowed them to flourish on the field and bring back the laurels that they so rightly deserved.

They took the criticism on the chin and they didn’t let it waver them from playing their best on the field and putting their best foot forward to achieve the impossible. Breaking the mould and trending there is a different path for some players may attract a lot of backbites but they all had it in their stride and took the bullet to their chin and rose to greater heights. The coaching standards have changed and have become sharper which are perfectly working in making the team a far better competitor of the sport. The numbers really show that the work that was put on in the field during the training camps and off-season has paid off immensely.

The coach was clever to play his part well and get the players to play out their well-defined roles in the playing field, thus ensuring results.
Though the team was a conservative lot, the change has been univocally voiced with the players now playing their roles well to bring the change that will help them cut through the flak they had been receiving for non-performance during the crucial points. The offensive team handlers such as the coach and co-Ordinator have been replaced but the visible changes have been observed for worse or better, you could now feel the joy from the fact that it has paid off through the offensive game may be missed by a few. For the time being, we could just put the new coach at ease and let time tell what lies ahead.

What to look out for

The Eagles have worked on their weaknesses, this time around such as the cornerback which has worked in their favour. But newer talent infused have worked wonderfully and are still out there to prove their potential when the time calls for it. Some players were made to assume bigger roles in the team when certain members of the team left and there was not much to waste and regurgitate about and fixing up the problem and moving ahead was the focus of the team and this mentality got them through the toughest tests and achieve glory. Some players who played some subdued form of the game came out flying colours during this season and the coach had not given up on them and this is commendable to note. The scores of the previous season may not be the only reason to keep you going but every game played is vital for the big win.

The controversy and locker room drama was handled, and this did not hamper them to give their best and go for the big one. The quarterbacks may have been inconsistent through the career but this game he gave it his all and made a stunning comeback and made all his detractors to eat their own words. He proved he was an invaluable asset to the whole team and he will bring back the fire in the game whenever it was needed. there is an amazing bunch of talented young players that are still exploring their potential and raring to go if given chance., this team has proved it by making the biggest upsets and getting the crown in their hands and making the world their oyster.

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