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Norwegian System


Norwegian System


Norwegian system used in betting is one of the simple technique and doing well with winning results. This is long term system and designed for people with ability to place multiple bets for many events. Although you can use it for solitary gambling also like placing bet for soccer game. It can be tried for other sports also.


Before you place your bet based on Norwegian system the first thing you have to do is select best teams among association. Like you can consult tables and look out among top rated teams. It is also recommended that teams with better results in previous two or more seasons should be chosen. Now the tactic is that you have to look out for when your desired team will wither lose a game or draw it. At this point where the team has dropped its score you have to move in and place a bet again for subsequent game. But you have to see that home match is what you are looking for.


The theory which is base for Norwegian system is a hypothesis in which it is assumed that leading teams would not draw or lose two matches consecutively. Obviously like every assumption it can prove to be false sometimes. The only remedy for this is to look out carefully for records and considering all teams and their past history. norwegian system

Now let’s see how we can apply Norwegian system mathematically. Let’s assume that you have selected 3 teams from each group and you have 10 leagues on hand to place bet. Now you will have total of 30 teams. Now is 10 teams from all have lost the game wither due to draw or losing match and their next game is domestic. Here we can calculate their winning range from 1.3 to 1.6. The exact number will depend on opposite team and circumstances. Now you have 10 teams on hand on which you can place your bet on. From 10 matches 3 will definitely give you your desired results. So, it is recommended that you use single ticket for this purpose.


The important aspect while using this system is that you should have enough time to do your research. Right choice of team will give you right results. Therefore you should carefully go through records of previous games and analyze the game pattern carefully. It should also be remembered that this process is lengthy and inevitable and therefore, your profits would be obtained at the end of season. So patience is key to Norwegian system.


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