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Over / Under Progression


Over / Under Progression

Over/Under progression can be used in several ways. As the name shows the bet is placed on the maximum or minimum statistics of the game. The basic idea is that you have to keep on building your bet to the point where your calculated score is achieved. This progression is helpful to place bets on any aspect of game like number of draws, lost matches, maximum or minimum score etc.

The most important factor to place bet on this system is complete analysis of team you are opted to bet for. You have to calculate their strategies and moves carefully so that you can build your bet accordingly with passage of time.

When placing bets within this progression you have to keep in mind the chances over 2 are rare. To play successfully you have to place your bet carefully which will defiantly increase your chances to win.


To clarify the working of this progression we will take example. Now consider two teams A and B and match in progress between them. You have to observe the scoring of team and their averages. Like say if Team A scoring is 2.3 and grant the average score of 1.3 so take the average of total scores that would be 3.6 goals. This score if for Home matches by Team A. under over

Now second step is to calculate average score of Team B. Let’s say if average score by team B is 1.63 and grant the average score of 1.2 the total average score would be 2.83 for away matundches of team B. The next step is to add the smallest averages for minimum goals like 1.3+1.2=2.5 in match. Then add the maximum average for maximum score that is 2.3+1.63=3.93 of the game. Now let’s take average of Minimum and maximum score that would be min/max is 3.21 which is a lot more than 2.5. Here you can conclude that you can place your bet again for this game.


For the successful application of over/under progression you have to complete your research for particular team. You have to go through all available records and performance by teams in different seasons. You have to watch the performance of team at home or away separately. Your complete analysis would be your key to success.


You can start your bet on basis of this progression at any time. As it is normally stated by gamblers that if one game of certain team is “under” the other will be “over”. But this is a not any defined rule and teams do not behave in this manner. So all you need is right capital for your betting and your analysis for define your own rules.


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