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Quick overview of 07/08.03.2015


Quick overview of 07/08.03.2015

This weekend we are expecting a new excitement in the best leagues of the world and our recommendation is to pay attention to the following matches:

Paderborn – Leverkusen

Paderborn team struggles to escape the bottom of the table but they are not exactly great schedules with opponents so after they are being demolished by Bayern and hosted at Monchengladbach who routinely solved the match in his favor and now they play against Leverkusen, which is fighting for a place who lead in qualification for the Champions League next season. Leverkusen had a couple of tough matches where they were quite varied results soon and it is expected the return leg of the Champions League against Atl Madrid so I believe that Paderborn ideal opponent to victory lifted confidence.

HSV – Dortmund

I can not remember the last time I saw a team to play so bad likeHamburg so I doubt they will be able to fight for survival this season although it none of them expected. On the other hand Dortmund is drastically improved form and they tied 5 wins in which they routinely get their matches so today expect a similar scenario. In this game all but Dortmund victory would be a big surprise percent simply do not see how Hamburg could improve his form.

Hannover – Bayer Munich

Hanover this year has not won a league match but I honestly do not believe I can make a surprise in a match against Bayern Munich but at least can provide a decent game as they knew it in the past where a lot of time on their games and been seen at least 4 goals . On the other hand Bayern on Tuesday play the second leg Champions League against Shakhtar so that their attention is turned towards this game and the question is whether it will be a full squad on the field or giant like Bayern has a lot of quality individuals in reserve so again not should not be a surprise at this match. As I said in the past it was a lot of goals in their matches so I see no reason why i would not be able to repeat a similar scenario.

Lazio – Fiorentina

Lazio and Fiorentina are direct rivals for places that lead in European competition next season and is currently Lazio has a point more than at Fiorentina. Both teams are in good form but I think Fiorentina in a little better despite constantly play two games per week and from the beginning of the year but are in good playing squad that from match to match offers a better party. On Thursday Fiorentina beat Juventus at home with 2:1 in the cup match and throughout the match dictated the pace and the result was more than excellent. This will not be an easy match for both teams but some most realistic outcome that we can see that both teams score per hit per cent of their form just at this point.

Juventus – Sassuolo

Juventus’s in the past that played a draw in the derby match against Roma and then during the week lost from Fiorentina in the cup match so today against Sassuolo have to make up for these poor results. Sassuolo in a series of three straight defeats but they had tough opponents like Napoli, Fiorentina and Lazio and is now very clear that will not be able to counteract Juventus. Juventus is very convincing in his field while Sassuolo very open game on tour and can often be seen quite close to those matches. I think that Juventus should routinely to resolve this match in order to gain the confidence and Sassuolo is not in the danger zone so can this be an open game with at least 3 goals.

Ath Bilbao – Real Madrid

Real Madrid in the last round disappointed when they played only 1:1 with Villarreal and Barcelona are allowed to approach them only 2 points. This round will have a tricky away game against the team Ath Bilbao, which in the last few rounds drastically improved form and with it also won a place in the Cup Final where they will play against Barcelona. I wrote more about Real lately there are plenty of poor finishing and I truly believe that it is only a matter of time before this change so maybe this is the right moment and the opponent’s bass on the menu percent Bilbao plays pretty much at home but against Real Madrid knew that playing matches where it was seen by either the 5 or 6 goals per matches so that might be, and this time a similar scenario.

Pick overview

Paderborn – Leverkusen pick 2 @ 1.75 bet365
HSV – Dortmund pick 2  @ 1.57 bet365
Hannover – Bayer Munich pick over 2.5 goals @ 1.57 bet365
Lazio – Fiorentina pick both team to score @ 1.73 bet365
Juventus – Sassuolo pick over 2.5 goals @ 1.53 bet365
Ath Bilbao – Real Madrid pick over 2.5 goals @ 1.53 bet365

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