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Quick overview of 11/12.04.2015


Quick overview of 11/12.04.2015

And this weekend we expect a lot of matches in the strongest leagues of Europe and we suggest that you pay attention to the following matches:

Burnley – Arsenal

Arsenal in the last round showed that they are in phenomenal shape so as to achieve 3 goals for 8 minutes against Liverpool and so are solved and the match in their favor and they are currently in a series of seven consecutive wins in the league. In this round opponent will be Burnely which is in last place in the standings and in a lot of the bad run of results but it is interesting that 3 weeks ago beat Man City at home. In this round will meet Man Utd and Man City so Arsenal have to big victory imperative to ensure 2nd place in the standings and the opponent is the custom.

QPR – Chelsea

Chelsea is in good shape and get wins but they recived a lot of goals in the last few games so it’s a little surprising that their part in this round are going to host at QPR team that is desperately struggling for survival. Chelsea is still at the head of the table and has 7 points ahead of Arsenal but in the next two rounds they are played against Man United and Arsenal so that the match against QPR’s only victory of the question. QPR scored 4 points in the last 2 rounds and reached the 7 field goal so I can boldly come out against Chelsea and to try and achieve that here some score. Again I say that Chelsea have imperative victory but because they had problems with the defense lately I believe that we can see more than 2.5 goals.

Lazio – Empoli

Lazio is a series of seven consecutive league wins and during the week they qualified for the finals of the Cup so today’s match against Empoli can wait confident. Lazio is currently in 3rd place with a point less than Rome, which in this round of Turin hosted the team so if there Roma fail to beat Lazio team that ranked number 2 on the table. On the other hand Empoli secured survival in the league so that they no pressure to join this game. In the first part of the season Empoli beat Lazio at home 2:0 and I believe that now Lazio will want to play again so I believe that this time the points to stay in Rome.

Verona – Inter

Match between Inter Milan and Verona believe it will be a real treat for fans percent believe that here we can see minimum 3 goals because both teams approach the game without pressure so there is no reason to network stationary. Verona dropped victory against Cesena although they had with 3:0 but the match ended 3:3 so that now against Inter will want to redeem themselves. Inter is in the form of a catastrophic last time they won at the end of February. The team is under pressure due to poor results and excuses are that the right team for next season as he’s lost. Maybe it’s because of Verona and better forms favorite in this match but I was much more realistic bet that we’ll see more than 2.5 goals.

Mainz – Bayer Leverkusen

Leverkusen is drastically improved form and now they in a series of five consecutive wins in the league and in this round visiting team of Mainz, which provided survival and slowly close to the end of the season. Leverkusen was knocked out on penalties in the German Cup on Wednesday from Bayern Munich but from the whole match perfectly countered champion. Today will go for victory percent Mönchengladbach team that is at position 3 has a tough game against Dortmund so if you run out of points for Leverkusen win then they will overtake them on the table. This will not be an easy match for Leverkusen but I believe that at this guest appearance will not lose.

Monchengladbach – Dortmund

One of the most interesting matches in this round will play a team Monchengladbach and Dortmund. The home team is playing great this season and fully deserved the 2 position on the table and very likely we’ll see them in the Champions League next season. On the other hand Dortmund has fallen slightly in shape as they dropped points against Cologne and Hamburg but then i dropped out of the Champions League against Juventus so now they have only obligation in League and Cup where they qualified for the semi-final where they win over Hoffenheim. Both teams play a lot of attacking and creating a lot of chances and would really be a surprise that in this game you do not see at least 3 goals.

Malaga – Atl Madrid

Atletico Madrid on Tuesday easily defeated Sociedad and so was back in 3rd place in the standings and is now hosted Malaga, while Tuesday is expected in the Champions League match against Real Madrid. Atletico has entered into a series of three straight wins and slowly raise the form of I finis season. Malaga is currently in 7th place and a little bit wrong with them to reach leading positions in European competition next season as their team Villarreal escapes only 5 points. Atletico is in much better shape and I believe that at this guest appearance will defeat as not to disturb the atmosphere for an important match in the Champions League.

Sevilla – Barcelona

One of the derby matches in the Spanish examples in this round will play teams Seville and Barcelona. Both teams are in superb form and in a series of 5 consecutive wins in the league. Seville is a 5 place and little was missing for a position that leads into the Champions League next season as only 1 point behind in Valencia. On the other hand Barcelona is at the head of the table and has a four point advantage in relation to the Real, which will play in this round easy match against Eibar. Barcelona on Wednesday is expected appearance in Paris with the PSG team in the Champions League so this match with Sevilla coming in a bit of a bad time. They knew Sevilla and Barcelona the previous season to play matches in which it was seen 5 or 6 goals so that this time is possible a similar outcome but nevertheless believe that we can see at least 3 goals in this match.

Pick overview

Burnley – Arsenal pick 2 @ 1.57 bet365
QPR – Chelsea pick over 2.5 goals @ 1.73 bet365
Lazio – Empoli pick 1 @ 1.50 bet365
Verona – Inter pick over 2.5 goals @ 1.80 bet365
Mainz – Bayer Leverkusen pick draw no bet 2 @ 1.57 bet365
Monchengladbach – Dortmund pick over 2.5 goals @ 1.85 bet365
Malaga – Atl Madrid pick draw no bet 2 @ 1.50 bet365
Sevilla – Barcelona pick over 3 goals @ 1.62 bet365

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