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Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid


Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid

Derby this round of Spanish league game at the Bernabeu where Real precious welcomes champion Athletics. We do not need to talk much about the rivalry of these two teams, the last few weeks of last season had a lot of important matches against each other so that in this year to date played 6 matches.
Two teams that are pretty much constructed the teams from last season. Real is in my opinion easily renounced on two very important players such as Alonso and Di Maria, but arrived replacements Cross and Rodriguez are far from good shape. I’m a big fan of Real but what they play at the start of this seznoe well below expectations. Those with such players must play much much better and they behave on the field very nonchalant. No fighting or some recognizable play and the only one who deserves credit for the effort on the ground is Sergio Ramos.

Match:  Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid 20.00h
League: Spain Primera League
Our prediction: AH-1.00 on Away team
Odds: 1.75 @ Unibet

On the other hand today will expect a lot of them motivated by Atletico Madrid. Everyone knows what kind of tactics forcing Simeone and I am sure they will be and tonight outperform in the field. I am convinced that Atletico could stay undefeated tonight because we played very good football and although Atletico changed a lot in the team compared to last season cubes have already started to put together.
Frankly Real does not look like a team that at the moment can resist to Atletico, but that would not be so underestimated the royal club, my suggestion for this match is AH-1.0 for Atletico Madrid

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