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Top five football transfers all time


Top five football transfers all time

Football transfer is a process in which a player under an agreement is moved between professional clubs. This means switching of an individual player’s registration between different association football clubs. Players can be transferred only during transfer window and that too according to the set of rules given by the governing body. Below are top five transfers all time.


5.    Zinedine Zidane from Juventus to Real Madrid-: the total compensation is stated to be Euro 46 millions. He became famous playing under Juvenutus and then was brought to Barnabeu. He made a stunning winning goal in the famous Champions League Final match and became more famous. He also helped the team win many other games and was also named as the world player in FIFA for the 3rd time. He is working as Sporting director in the club.

4.    Fernando Torres transferred from Liverpool to Chelsea-: this transfer involved approximately Euro 50 million. This Spanish striker broke around 30 goal barriers and became an idol of Kop. His earlier transfer fee was rejected but afterwards quickly accepted.

3.    Kaka transfer between AC Milan to Real Madrid-: this transfer cost Euro 56 million. Kaka has an excellent playing career and he appears in the list of best football players in the world. He was awarded the world player in FIFA. His earlier bid of Euro 100 million was rejected.

2.    Zlatan Ibrahimovic transferred from FC Internazionale to FC Barcelona-: the transfer cost was Euro 60.7 million. He rose to fame after winning the Eredivisie title and is well known for his knack and ball skills.

1.    Christiano Ronaldo transfer between Manchester to Real Madrid-: this transfer ended up with Euro 80 million. Ronaldo is one of the most successful football players right now.

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