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Torque – Port Vale 24.03.2012


Torque – Port Vale 24.03.2012

As one man said once said, the betting is not just gambling, but outwitting the bookies. In the spirit of these claims, such high odds offered by bookmakers to win the host, to say the words-weird.

They meet two teams with completely different motive: Torquay, for automatic promotion to higher rank and Port Vale-almost for nothing! I have already detailed the punishment they received the Vale. The time now is light years away from the play off (Oxford at the 7th place has as many as 15 points više.Za them this season is over. How have the embargo on transfers of players, the only motive of individuals in the team will be playing that well, would not be imposed some of the clubs who are interested in them. on the other hand, the host team is the second place guaranteeing a direct passage to the EL One. however, are far from safe water, because behind Shrewsbury with a point less and less a match. then follows (the first in the group play off) Southend with two points and Crawley with 4 points or less, and two matches still to play.

Match: Torque – Port Vale 16.00h
League: England L2
Our prediction: Home Win Odds: 2.00
Bookmaker: Bet365  –> Check all free bets here!



Points, this game must remain at home.
As I am an avid fan of the league (though all island), following the events and games, I think this time bookmakers severely wrong in judgment, and that this quota will be a nice gift for our tickets.

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