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Tottenham – Man City


Tottenham – Man City

Today we will see a derby match of this round of the Premier League, where Tottenham welcomes Man City.

Poketino is the man who came as the largest gain of the top results in Southampton while the philosophy of football at Tottenham has not changed in any segment of the game and Koeman, who came in his place at the head of the Saints shows that no particular Poketino done but that it was real team for the top of the table and the whole fama about Poketino si falling into the water. All season Tottenham play bad games , but here are greeted by the end of the season in the top on table . I can freely say bad they host the 17 matches 9 wins 5 defeats with goal difference 29:23 and with such a team must do a lot better and see how they make mistake in defense.

On the other hand Man City they are for me a pleasant surprise league because they frankly did not give a chance for a significant fight for the title primarily because the team works very saturated and bored together but had a great start of the season and it’s kind of sad in the end arrive at what I predicted, the lack of real ideas, some bad transfers primarily a mental game. Media are surprisingly attacked Pellegrini the end of season and crew various headlines in the newspapers, shifts, transfers, etc. City is 3 guest league in 17 games 8 wins and 5 losses with a goal difference 34:22 to mention that the last 4 games away lost. The most significant absence is likely Company but it may be patches against Tottenham, of course, a lot of them believe in the young Kane but it will be some time before people figure out that this is an average player that most hitchhikers can close it whenever he wants to play a little stronger and better defense but never mind England is full of these chew and false talent nothing new.

I have to mention one by me as quite an important factor and that is that Man City 3 previous matches against Tottenham won it more than convincing so far and without doubt, I believe that the City can solve the game in his favor. The odds are very much on their victory and I believe that City has the power to show that they have a great quality, although a lot of doubt in them.

Football, England Premier League, Tottenham – Man City 17.00h
Our prediction: Away win @ 2.10 with Bet365

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