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Value Analysis – Think Beyond the Bookmakers


Value Analysis – Think Beyond the Bookmakers

The bettor all over the world use different methods of betting. They play according to the knowledge and skills they acquire from their experiences. Some play with statistical data, some play by using the performance metrics based on the last performance, and some try to copy the technique. Among them many people are those who study about the techniques on internet, news paper etc. And last but not the least is a group of players who pay other to play for them, by using the support services offer by many sites.

It’s hard to find a right approach to play betting and claim to be a master of this game. The best approach to you is the one that works for you, and earn you a profit. However, these approaches have one thing in common and that is seek the best “Value” from the available chances. This process of betting where the chances of winning are better than the odds provide the bookmakers is known as Value Betting or Betting Value Analysis. It means that the bettor is in search of something that according to them is now correctly evaluated or is overpriced by the bookmaker.

The value analysis offer a pure chance of winning a large amount compare to a price offer by a bookmaker. The players fail to realize the importance of value betting. Most of the value bets are based on prophecy such as return to form of some player or team. For example, consider a game of football, you often hear that the team come into the form again because a famous player is back into the side or recover from the injury. There might be another reason that the team is going through a series of bad matches. So playing an easier side could turn it on for them again and the team gets into the right track. This data can be extracted using the value analysis approach.

Value Analysis - Think Beyond the BookmakersThe value bet requires some expertise. The data mining principles applies on this type of betting. Internet sites all over the world are facilitating the players with this betting approach. The most notable are Nordicbet, Expekt etc. To mark a good value bet it is necessary to have good knowledge about the sport you are betting on so that you can mark the feature that makes the bet so overpriced. The best method to do a value analysis is to market your own price before the real market is formed. This technique will open out the prices for you and then using the values you can easily compare the prices of your market with the real market. These values will be directly proportional to each other i.e. higher the difference, the higher the amount of value and hence maximum profit.

The value betting can be easily employed on stock exchange markets. It is good to find the factors before the market is formed by the bookmakers. This will give you a value to bet on and increase your chances of earning.


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