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Vaslui – Pandurii 12.08.2012


Vaslui – Pandurii 12.08.2012

Call me crazy but i think we have some value here.I think bookies are over reacting with this superb start of the season for Pandurii. Vaslui is very tough place to play and Pandurii, as much as everybody appreciates their style of play, it isnt a big team, and mainly cause away from home they cant play as better as at home.


Of course, there is also the issue of the fatigue or morale since Vaslui was eliminated from CL by Fenerbahce ,after a hard game, but this time they played at home and they have time to recover.Vaslui started the season great with a draw at Rapid where they deserved to win, a 3-0 trashing of over rated Petrolul and 1-1 at Istambul in first leg.But after that they had a tough game at champions CFR and lost 0-3, mostly cause they were tired after running like rabits with Fener but score is a bit harsh over all; worth mentioning that defense of Vaslui caused many problems.


Then, the big game against Fener came and they entered the pitch too soft and got penalized since their defense isnt reliable.They still played good at times, got back in the game, and even missed a penalty at 1-1 after that they colapsed and rest is history: 4 goals received and their defense proved once again to be very poor.


Match: Vaslui – Pandurii 18.30h
League: Romaina A
Our prediction: over 2 goals  Odds: 1.52
Bookmaker: Bet365  –> Check all free bets here!


Pandurii is playing probably the best football in Romania, they use 4-3-3 system but they also had a good schedule thus far, playing 2 easy home games against very poor U Cluj and struggling Ceahlaul, but in both games they have received and that shows some problems in defense, although they have good CDs in Viera and Mamele, but since they play very offensive they tend to neglect {uniquescience-ratevote:5}defense.They also won at Medias, 2-0 playing good game and dominating the opponent, but it’s true also that locals missed a penalty at 0-1 which could have changed the game, but over all Pandurii won deservedly, being better team, but it’s true also that Medias isnt in best form, so this 3 wins might be a little over priced here.


This come as first serious test for Pandurii and since their style of play is offensive and since they are usually very naive tactically, they tend to lose when they play away at big guns, they can snatch a draw here and there, but over all their suffer although they play good games.Usually they have 1.5 odds when they play in such circumstances away, that’s why this odds intrigue me a bit and will pull the trigger on HW, but main bet should be on goals since both teams have offensive potential and both suffers at the back.

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