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What do you mean by cashing out?


What do you mean by cashing out?


The cashing out is the withdrawal of all the money you win and leaving the casino. The player can cash out whenever he wants. The cashing out option is available at all the casinos but method is different for every casino. Some casino sends the money to your credit card the same way you deposit it. Some will use the payment options like Moneybookers, Neteller, and PayPal etc to send it to your account. Some will pay in the form of cheque.


The cashing out is not consider good by some gambler especially in the game of poker. If you cash out during the game then it will affect your reputation. People will consider you as a greedy and coward player. However, I recommend you to quit as it’s a matter of money 🙂


Once you decide to leave the casino you can use the cashing out options. The amount will transfer to your account in 1 business day. The player can also cancel the cash out request and leave the money into the casino account but this option can only be use if the casino does not process the cash out. After the successful cash out you will be notify via email. However the cash out process varies from casino to casino.

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