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Have you bet online before? If you have, you must have realized that online bookies are offering free bets. These are meant to reward you and act as incentives to attract you bet with them. These free bets are also given to you even after you have become their customer. Free bets are a win-win for the bookie as well as the punter since you will get a free bet to start your betting. The betting sites will earn one more bettor for their site. There is no rule set that you need to stick with one bookmaker. You can try out other bookies as there are plenty more serving jurisdictions that have regulated online betting.

Why this is the best way to try sportsbooks

When you use the free bet to wager in the bookies, you will be using a safe avenue to make bets without making use your hard earned money. This means that you will not be risking at all. With the free bets, you will not be risking your money. This means when it comes to depositing your money, you will have learnt your lesson.

You can use the free bets to make money without spending your cash. This will be a great way to make money but the problem is that there might be wagering requirements attached to the free bets. You will realize that in some bookies getting the free money will be easy but it becomes hard when you want to cash out.

The bottom line is that free bets are incredible when you want to try out a bookie without spending your money. After accessing how good or favourable a bookie is, you will determine whether it’s good enough to spend your money in.

Risk free Bets

This type of betting is nice and simple and makes betting fun especially for the beginners. With this kind of bet, you will make your initial bet normally and when you lose, you will have the loss reimbursed. These kinds of free bets will usually have a minimum odds limit that you need to go above if you want your bet to be risk free. This is usually 2.0 (evens)

Matched Bonus

These are the simplest and common for free bets. When you place the first bet, your bet is matched with a free bet from the bookie. These matched bets are given in the form of percentage match ups to a certain amount.  You will realize that some bookies will have lower offers like 50% matched bets and have set slightly higher deposit limits compared to other bookies.

50% – 200% First Bet Bonus

When you become part of a sportsbook for the first time, chances are that you will get a welcome bonus. The amount you deposit will be matched by 50-200% depending on the bookie. This is a good bonus amount since it will give you more money to wager with. It means you can make more bets.

Being the first bet bonus, it’s a great incentive to start your betting endeavours with the respective bookie. In our listings, check out for sportsbooks that have first bet bonuses that will be suitable to your betting needs.

Bet XX Get XX

These kinds of bets are similar to matched bets but you are being offered a huge bonus which can be about 200% of the deposit amount. These are the kinds where you are told to bet an amount like £5 to get £10. These kinds of offers can be said to be something like 200% bonus. But these are not deposit bonuses since you are supposed to be first for you to claim the bonus.

How to claim and Use

Claiming the free bet bonus is simple. All you have to do is follow the step given by the bookie to claim their bet bonus. Some of them are claimed as you make your deposit while other will require you to visit the promotions’ page to opt in. Every bookie has its own way of issuing the bet bonuses.

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