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Mobile Betting

Betting Mobile Apps

Mobile devices have made it easy when it comes to the way we work and play. Without doubt, mobile devices have dominated the way we lead our daily lives. From the latest research, it is evident that mobile apps are a huge industry that is estimated to be about £120 billion. This rapid growth hassled to shifting in gears in online gambling alike. As for sportsbooks, it has become a mandatory tool for them to have mobile apps. New and advanced enhancements are being used to save time and money.

There are incredible features like the unique and sleek user interface, instant notifications, and advanced safety features. Bookies know how best to bring you functionality at its best as they keep things simple and convenient. They are endeavouring to make the environment better for your wagering activities. It is clear that betting apps are on the right track to redefine online sports betting.

The beauty of betting apps is that you are able to instantly gain access to the latest sports betting line, futures and props. All you need for you to place your wagers on the games is a smartphone supported by the respective betting app.

Betting App features

Not all mobile betting apps are equal. You need to identify a good one with features it might have. In this section, we will discuss the features that a good betting app should have. These features will come a long way in making sure that you choose the right betting app.

Best Odds

When it comes to making your bets, there’s nothing that’s important than the odds. Odds are the ones that earn you the payouts. For the right and the best betting app, it needs to have competitive odds that will offer a true reflection of how the game might turn out. More to the odds, you should get the best statistics in the market to support your betting decisions. The best betting app needs to give you great outcomes of sporting events.


The betting app needs to guarantee your security. This is security on your banking information, as well as, personal data. When placing your bets, you need to have the assurance that your personal and banking information are safe. Some of the safety features need to include password protection and encryption.

Live Betting

A good mobile app needs to give you the opportunity to make in-play bets. This gives you the opportunity to make your bets at your convenience and on your team, regardless of whether the game has started or not. One of the greatest things that will give you the opportunity to earn more is being able to actively bet even when the event is going on. Betting live will earn you the best odds.

Betting Apps Benefits


When you use a betting application, you are able to enjoy betting anywhere and at any time. You need not worry about getting a sportsbook that’s reliable. Bets can now be made even without access to a computer. With the betting apps, you will be able to use them easily whether you’re a beginner or pro. Getting used to the features in the betting app will not take you long.

News Feed

With most of the betting apps, you realize that they have news feed services for sports events. This will make it easy for you to get information on your favourite sports and might assist in your betting analysis.

Special betting offers

Since a lot of punters are using mobile devices, betting sites are luring them to use the betting apps by giving them mobile betting discounts. These discounts will come in handy when you want to increase your winning prospects and when you want to play more.


Some of the betting apps have forums attached to them. This being so, you will be able to interact with other punters and you will be able to discuss with them about betting. These forums also come in handy in assisting to learn more from other punters about betting.

Android Betting Apps

Google was quick to bring a ban to all real money gambling app but with time they have lifted the ban in area where online gambling is legalized. This ban prompted the betting sites to offer apps on their websites and not the Android store. But the good thing is that these apps can be comfortably and easily used on Android devices. The beauty of android is that they always give us new versions of Android that make it easy for apps to sit on and run smooth without many problems. This in turn makes online betting easy and convenient for the android users.

iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch Apps

As for the iOS devices, they are as popular as Android users but Android has a bigger piece of the market. iOS devices have two distinct feature when compared to other betting apps. They have the Touch ID and the Apple Pay. These features protect your personal and banking information.

Windows Phone and Tablet Apps

For a long time, Windows devices have been underestimated. Windows on the other hand is working hard to catch up with the rest of the mobile software developers. As for the betting sites, they are also targeting the Windows users by developing apps that can be supported by the platform. Even when you do not get a betting application supported on Windows powered devices, you can load the URL on the browsers.

Blackberry Apps

Without doubt, blackberry has fallen out of its grace with the popularity of iOS and Android devices. There might not be many apps supported on blackberry’s platform but the phone behaves well. If you do not get a betting app for blackberry, you can load the URL to the phone’s browser and you will be good to go.

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