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Can the Bookmaker Change the Odds?


Can the Bookmaker Change the Odds?


You are tempted by the ridiculously high odds offered by the bookmaker and have decided to bet on it. Next, you fill up the betting slip and submit to your online bookmaker with the desired odds. That’s it. Yes you did not hear me wrong there. It’s the finalized odds once you have placed a bet with your bookmaker. It will not change even though the odds still fluctuate on the betting site itself.


New users tend to worry about their odds being altered as well together with the odds that are still open on the betting site, a worry which has been adequately debunked by the explanation provided in the previous paragraph. Bookmakers do not have the power to make changes to the odds in your bets, even if they wanted to as it is part of their protocol. Even though that is the case, punters might still potentially stand a chance to lose out on potential gains as they might miss out on better odds provided if they have either placed their bet too early or too late.


However, despite that, discrepancies still remain in horse betting whereby there is an option of taking up a “Starting Price” on a selection; the final odds of that selection after the closure of betting on that particular race. In other forms of betting, such as football, there is no such option so punters can rest easy in the knowledge that the odds that they have their bets on are the finalized ones.


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