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How to Place a Bet Online


How to Place a Bet Online

After you have selected the ideal bookmaker of your choice, the next step is to set-up a account for yourself by determining the amount of credits you would like to have inside your account. Different bookmakers have their own unique ways of opening an account for new punters, so it is important to find out how the process is carried out.


Credits are a form of “online currency” which will be provided by your bookmaker to make bets with. These are actually virtual representations of your cold, hard cash, so it is integral to not make the fatal mistake of mismanaging your credits in your account. Always ensure that you have enough credits to make your bets, if not you can inform your bookmaker to request for a top-up in the account either through bank transfer or it will be recorded by the bookmaker to be repaid when it is time to settle the accounts.


To place a bet, you have to click on the odds of the match that you wish to bet on. This will then be translated onto a betting slip containing all the bets that you have placed. At the end of it, enter the amount of credits that you would like to stake on and click the submit button to finalize your betting slip.


It might be necessary to keep an eye on the odds as they can be very volatile and fluctuate wildly like the stock market. Assuming that you are a hard-core punter, it is of utmost importance that you monitor the odds so as to get the best value out of your bets.


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