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Manchester City vs Liverpool


Manchester City vs Liverpool

Many football fans are looking forward to the match between these two strongholds which will take place on Thursday at Etihad. It will be a match that will make a significant difference when it comes to which team among the two will hold the Premier League Title.

Manchester City has an advantage of competing against Liverpool from home. Each team is looking to gain more power over the other from the anticipated match. If Liverpool wins, it will give them an upper hand of at least ten points while a win by Manchester City will help them close the gap and earn them four easy points.

Manchester City needs this victory more because they have lost at least three premier league outings. Their fans were disappointed with them for losing against Chrystal Palace from home just before the holiday season. On Sunday, they managed to make a comeback after winning against Southampton scoring 3-1 at St. Mary Stadium.

Liverpool, on the other hand, has entered the New Year with a lot of confidence to win against their competitors, Manchester City. At the end of 2018, they scored 5 goals against Arsenal which only managed to score one goal at Anfield.

Manchester City vs Liverpool TIP: Both team to score

They also won against Newcastle scoring 4 goals. These wins have made them remain a force to reckon with since they managed 9 league wins this season. The team has, however, dropped 6 points the entire season. Analysts say that their average is 2.4 goals per each game though they are concerned about the 6 points they have dropped this season.

Both teams have competed against Arsenal and Chelsea and made draws against the teams. Manchester City won 9 home league games out of 10 through the season. The match on Thursday is expected to be a competitive one since the teams have managed to make impressive goals this season.

Playing from home seems to favor Manchester City since they have been able to score 7 goals from their last 5 games they have played at Etihad. The players from Manchester City seem to master their positions well when playing from home and this increases their chances of winning.

Manchester City and Liverpool are both strong teams, and they are likely to make 2.5 goals from the Thursday match. We, however, predict that the game will be a home win favoring Manchester City. The team seems to thrive at the game since they are not affected by the pressure. We are relying on players such as Raheem Sterling to bring victory home. He has managed to make 7 goals in 8 home premier league appearances within a single season.

Though Liverpool is also a strong team, we predict 3-2 in favor of Manchester City during the Thursday game. Fans have a lot of faith in Manchester City strikers such as Sergio Aguero who has a history of setting high scores against Liverpool in home premier league appearances. The manager, Pep Guardiola is also promising for the team since he is known to win home league games and make Manchester City shine.

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