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Skrill / Moneybookers


Skrill / Moneybookers


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Skrill (ex Moneybookers) is a business involved money transaction and form of e-commerce. The services offered by moneybookers include money transaction through internet avoiding cheating and hacking. For this purpose the moneybookers has designed a kind of online account in which the money is deposited. The account is called “e-Wallet”. The advantage of this system is that the financial statistics of clients are already there and he does not need to give details again and again.


The first moneybookers domain was first started in June 17, 2001. The statistics shows that over 14.8 million users have been register by year 2010. This service is controlled by authorities like Financial Service Authority (FSA) of United Kingdom.  Though it is one body but it offers complete worldwide banking network all over the world. The payment option offered by skrill is more than 100 and it work among 200 countries. Huge amount of businessmen numbered in thousands are using the services of skrill along with its partners. The partners include Thomas Cook, eBay and Skype.

The biggest advantage of skrill is security offered by them for transaction of money. When any money transfer takes place any financial and personal information of client is kept secret. All transactions are secured by firewall which separates the server from main internet and therefore, cannot be hacked or interfered.

The procedure for registration with moneybookers is simple. With the help of registration form provided on website client has to register. There you will find the options for payment like Merchant Gateway or Email Pay. Through this you will be incorporated with other online business associations. Client can also add the link of skrill to his business website easily. Your financial information will be submitted and protected by skrill. The rest of security is up to you by securing your email Id and password.

When you receive credit in your account of skrill you will be acknowledged by email. You can then again use that credit for any online payments and also can take out cash to your local bank or credit/Debit card.

To transfer your money elsewhere you will submit your information for security purpose. With the help of options provided and information about recipient of that money you can transfer your money with click.

To receive money from skrill the beneficiary has two options. One is that recipient will order card through his skrill account. On receiving card from skrill he has admittance to money client has send.
Second option in this regard is that recipient will access his skrill account and select option for withdrawal. There with help of bank account information and information of visa card he will receive his money with few day times.

Therefore, Skrill is easy, reliable and fast way of money transaction in nowadays. JOIN HERE


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